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Why do we need concentration camps?

le devoir de memoire

Why do we need concentration camps? Why exist?

You can long to wonder whether it is worthwhile lest these places were tourist attractions. Being attractions such show other generations what man could lead, however, if such a place can not lead to repeat such events.

The writer Tzetan long Todorov spoke with:

Expliquer c'est justifier.

Justifier is already looking to the logical translation, and it can therefore lead to repeat the phenomenon. If the phenomenon is no logic why he has not come again.

For this I would like to show from the show each camp trivialized this kind of events, it's kinda like guys who wear T-shirts with Lenin or Stalin Wwie or in other cities in the events to be trendy events.

Uwierzcze me, France is a trivial thing, the most trivial ....

Stirring these two kinds of things banalization and translation of certain events may lead to their repetition.

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