czwartek, 17 listopada 2016

December 31 marks the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. But nothing does not change during one night ....

Our sorrows and our pytnia, our happiness is everything.

But the new year has konnotacje symbolic. Man needs by me cyclical rhythms teeth exist.

For example, this is the night and the day is very important these moments are "Repères" or "balises" for our lives.

The new year is just in truth the meaning of the World, because it is for all uniewrsalny is. I do not take religion into attention.

Very important is the moment, thanks to them we can say that myself before December 31, I was it and now I will it.

End of the year is also a moment lest download stuff conclusions entire year.

Despite the fact that every day we are closer to death that every 1 january is this form of regeneration where we start from scratch or begin again to live with our "obiecunkami."

New Year is the hope for life

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