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Never, and I repeat never been in Poland, because there any person

Light update did I get emails and comments that do not like Poland because I still marudzei people ask me later what I do in Poland.

13 September 2002. On that day I will not forget. Approximately 12 30 landed in Warsaw and frankly I did not think that I will have in Poland today, ie 19 March 2005 It's been exactly 2 years and 6 months (no more or less), and what conclusion can I download stuff after such a period?
People often ask me what I do in Poland. Pierwszi say that I have a girlfriend, others think "Loved" in Countries wschdnich I prefer those who do not seek immediately answer Now can I give my version: I found in FAST because I thought that Poland is a paradise. As yet I lived in Poland t very przypedalem for Polish food and, above all, are these birds which I listen, heavy locomotives dzwieg who came by to Srodmiescie, I am on the reszczie not have to spieczyc when I'm in Empik ...
Never, and I repeat never been in Poland, because there any person on the other sex ... In Poland, a few things I have learned from cooking to ironing by docenania certain things. On dzysiejszym same people ask me why I am not in France. Again, I hear the same answer: probably he has a girlfriend in Poland, and that he is here. And I was the last response that will invent reads as follows: I am in Poland lest my life took some importance. A year ago, I wanted to be the guy who works between France and Poland. So I like to recharge at Okecie (now called Chopin ...) but also I like the taste of these nice kamiennice France, Paris is so nice, the city of my childhood and my youth. If the guy has a sense of life that can live normally I consider. Sam George Polomski this to say: My youth is like Airport ... If you ask what is my favorite place in Warsaw, I do not know to be honest but give up a short list:

-speak With Uncle
- See August of Mamdou
- Piss off with Paul but not only
- Choose cosmetics stadium
- Hear the train leaves from Central
- To fall on the market in Zyrardow
- Watch Family Feud with his grandmother
- Speak Polish with Sudanczykiem in Wwie
- Meet a black man in the stadium who five years ago lived next to me in Paris
- Byc in Empik and do not rush
- When Zygmunt's Column is a nice view on the other side of Warsaw

Sure there are other places but now I remember. It's all for today

Still I like to visit in Poland

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