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Kanapking to taka teoria 21 wieku ktora wszedzie widzimy.
Ludzie coraz mniej jedza normalnych posilkow
Uwazamy za dobre szybki posilek :
Moze byc z serem (tlusta) warzywna (dla tych ktorzy udawaja ze dobrze sie wyzywieją)
Moze byc z miesem (ale nie ma duzo mięsa to teraz raczej soje mamy. Soja to dobry produkt dla konsumenta i dla producenta -tanszy niz mieso- te same wartości odżywcze-i wzmaniać smaku i konsystencji))
Kanapka to dobra rzecz ale...raz w tygodniu
Jesc na zimno to zadna dobra rzecz dla zdrowia. Potrzebujemy danie na goraco. W tej postaci sa pewne mineraly ktore nie mamy na zimno,
Poza tym jesli bierzemy kanaple to 70% jej skladniki to chleb.
Kiedys poznalem osobe ktora wylacznie wyzywila sie z tych kanapek.
Teraz mozna ja spotkac na powazkach
Przyczynu zgonu?
Zle wyzywienie
Jedna choroba 21 wieku wiecej....

Never, and I repeat never been in Poland, because there any person

Light update did I get emails and comments that do not like Poland because I still marudzei people ask me later what I do in Poland.

13 September 2002. On that day I will not forget. Approximately 12 30 landed in Warsaw and frankly I did not think that I will have in Poland today, ie 19 March 2005 It's been exactly 2 years and 6 months (no more or less), and what conclusion can I download stuff after such a period?
People often ask me what I do in Poland. Pierwszi say that I have a girlfriend, others think "Loved" in Countries wschdnich I prefer those who do not seek immediately answer Now can I give my version: I found in FAST because I thought that Poland is a paradise. As yet I lived in Poland t very przypedalem for Polish food and, above all, are these birds which I listen, heavy locomotives dzwieg who came by to Srodmiescie, I am on the reszczie not have to spieczyc when I'm in Empik ...
Never, and I repeat never been in Poland, because there any person on the other sex ... In Poland, a few things I have learned from cooking to ironing by docenania certain things. On dzysiejszym same people ask me why I am not in France. Again, I hear the same answer: probably he has a girlfriend in Poland, and that he is here. And I was the last response that will invent reads as follows: I am in Poland lest my life took some importance. A year ago, I wanted to be the guy who works between France and Poland. So I like to recharge at Okecie (now called Chopin ...) but also I like the taste of these nice kamiennice France, Paris is so nice, the city of my childhood and my youth. If the guy has a sense of life that can live normally I consider. Sam George Polomski this to say: My youth is like Airport ... If you ask what is my favorite place in Warsaw, I do not know to be honest but give up a short list:

-speak With Uncle
- See August of Mamdou
- Piss off with Paul but not only
- Choose cosmetics stadium
- Hear the train leaves from Central
- To fall on the market in Zyrardow
- Watch Family Feud with his grandmother
- Speak Polish with Sudanczykiem in Wwie
- Meet a black man in the stadium who five years ago lived next to me in Paris
- Byc in Empik and do not rush
- When Zygmunt's Column is a nice view on the other side of Warsaw

Sure there are other places but now I remember. It's all for today

Still I like to visit in Poland
December 31 marks the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. But nothing does not change during one night ....

Our sorrows and our pytnia, our happiness is everything.

But the new year has konnotacje symbolic. Man needs by me cyclical rhythms teeth exist.

For example, this is the night and the day is very important these moments are "Repères" or "balises" for our lives.

The new year is just in truth the meaning of the World, because it is for all uniewrsalny is. I do not take religion into attention.

Very important is the moment, thanks to them we can say that myself before December 31, I was it and now I will it.

End of the year is also a moment lest download stuff conclusions entire year.

Despite the fact that every day we are closer to death that every 1 january is this form of regeneration where we start from scratch or begin again to live with our "obiecunkami."

New Year is the hope for life

Why do we need concentration camps?

le devoir de memoire

Why do we need concentration camps? Why exist?

You can long to wonder whether it is worthwhile lest these places were tourist attractions. Being attractions such show other generations what man could lead, however, if such a place can not lead to repeat such events.

The writer Tzetan long Todorov spoke with:

Expliquer c'est justifier.

Justifier is already looking to the logical translation, and it can therefore lead to repeat the phenomenon. If the phenomenon is no logic why he has not come again.

For this I would like to show from the show each camp trivialized this kind of events, it's kinda like guys who wear T-shirts with Lenin or Stalin Wwie or in other cities in the events to be trendy events.

Uwierzcze me, France is a trivial thing, the most trivial ....

Stirring these two kinds of things banalization and translation of certain events may lead to their repetition.